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Panel Wood Products

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Safe & Effective

Our strapping machines for panel wood products are designed with safety and efficiency in mind. These solid machines help keep your workers safe so that they can do the job they love.

Advanced Efficiency

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Customized to suit your needs

When providing equipment to companies that work with panel wood products, we consider the company's unique needs and customize a machine that will work effectively with their specific product in their specific space.

When our engineers design a customized machine for wood panel products, they consult directly with the client to understand their requirements. This ensures a custom machine that optimizes their efficiency and minimizes downtime. Our goal is to help our customers succeed.

Panel Features

Our wood product strapping machines for panels have many features that help optimize your production. These include:

Edge Protectors

Protect the most vulnerable part of your product – the edges – with a fully automated edge protector applicator.


Our machines have an optional full-range top compression.

Strap Capacity

Large quantities of material are no problem for our customized machines. They are able to handle more than 1000 kg of strap material.

Strap Placement

Place straps according to your product requirements. Our machines offer multiple strap placements at any interval.


Optional bottom, top or top & bottom bunks placed automatically.

If your company works with panel wood products, having the right equipment is critical to your success and in optimizing your operations. Contact us today to arrange for a consultation and learn how we can help you succeed.

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User Testimonial

Itipack has gone above and beyond providing service and parts for our VX-30 plastic strapping machines. Parts arrive in a timely manner, but we have also had several occasions where they were able to provide parts over night to get us back up and running including providing cell numbers for their service techs to talk us through the repair. We have an annual service call where they go though our equipment and reset it to the original settings and even take the time to teach our maintenance and electrical folks the “tips & tricks” of working on this equipment. They also provide a rebuild service for the complete strapping head unit, even providing settling up pick-up of the units with all paperwork to get them across the border. Very informed and knowledgeable parts and service employees that make doing business a pleasure.

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