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We build machines that can be counted on to carry the load.

Advanced Efficiency

Group 6

Customized to suit your needs

We work with customers to design a machine that will help them succeed. Our commitment to deliver what is needed in a strapping machine, whether it is a custom fit, custom solution or a standard machine, keeps businesses running smoothly and on time.

Engineered Wood Products Features

Edge Protectors

Fully-automated edge protector applicator for both bottom and top.


Comes with optional full-range top compression.

Strap Capacity

Capable of handling 1,000kg+ of strap material.

Strap Placement

Multiple strap placements at any interval.

Group 6

User Testimonial

Mike Beijes has been extremely supportive in an internal initiative to reduce the downtime associated with the 88” mill bander. Customer service has been prompt and efficient with timely answers and good results. We have already seen an elimination of the downtime associated with the bander. It is early in our program, but I feel confident that with Itipack’s customer service we will achieve our targets. The customer service response gives me great confidence in Itipack’s ability to eliminate/reduce downtime.

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