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At Itipack, we realize that a prefabricated strapping solution is not the right solution for everyone or every company. That is why we also offer robotic and custom solutions so that you can always be confident that you’ll get the right strapping machine to help you optimize your business.

Our custom-made strappers can be fabricated to exact requirements thanks to our unique engineering approach. Whether you have space restraints, technology requirements, complex integrations or need customization a standard bander cannot provide, we will work with you to provide the correct solution.

Our engineers and technicians will assess your needs, and we’ll design and manufacture a strapping machine to help your operations maintain peak performance.

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Robotic Dunnage Applicator
for Panel Machine

Our newest strapping system that launched comes complete with a fully automated robotic dunnage system allowing for greater efficiency and safety than ever before:

  • Fully automated plastic strapping head
  • Electric Top Edge Protection
  • Optional Side Compression – HMI selectable
  • ABB Robot with Three Vacuum Bars for Bunk placement

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Itipack continues to emerge as the leader in strapping solutions for the most advanced steel and aluminum mills in the world. Our systems share our firm commitment toward high value, optimum performance, and long-lasting results.

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Itipack is Ontario’s premier designer and manufacturer of custom strapping machines. If you require a strapping machine that is tailor-made for the unique needs of your business, then contact us today to arrange for a consultation.

Other Industries

In addition to our Robotics & Custom Solutions we also service other industries including:

Steel & Aluminum

Itipack Systems is the pioneer of the Weld Joint Technology. Our TIG Spot Weld Joint is revolutionizing the steel strapping industry. As the steel industry changes, along with the handling of products, Itipack continues to emerge as the leader in strapping solutions for products such as: Coils, Beam, Plate, Bar, Tube, Pipe, Rebar, Rods, Bundles and Sheets.

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Wood Products

Our equipment for processing wood products is made to meet your specifications. We offer a variety of equipment for the manufacturing of wood panels, dimensional features, and engineered wood products.

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Glass, Can & P.E.T.

Our pallet strapping machines for glass, can, and PET products are ideal for facilities that rely on fast, high output of products. Our machines are low maintenance in order to maximize uptime and productivity.

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If you are interested in learning more about our customizable strapping machines for your business, contact us today. A member of our team would be happy to assess your needs and make a recommendation to suit your business.

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