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About Itipack

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Great people.
Safe environment.
Exceptional service.

Itipack Systems was founded to provide advanced, custom solutions to industries with specific and unique manufacturing requirements.

On your team, every step.

Our team works directly with you to fully understand your needs in order to provide cost-saving strapping solutions that are functional, reliable and safe.

Why Itipack? Driven to Innovate

Itipack Systems is a world leader in integrated strapping solutions. Each one of our systems share in our firm commitment towards high value, optimum performance and long lasting results.

  1. 01 Complex Problem Solving

    Our success comes from qualified and skilled engineers who are able to develop concepts that fully address the complete scope of work.

  2. 02 Responsive Service

    We provide our clients with the very best preventative maintenance service and support available within their particular industry.

  3. 03 Safe Work Environments

    Safety is the number one priority for Itipack and for our customers. We build applications that keep everyone working safely. They save lives.

  4. 04 Creating Efficiency

    Our design teams work with you to fully understand your complete process and create tailor-fit solutions that result in faster cycle time, greater uptime, and predictable maintenance.

Our Capabilities Completely Capable.

Itipack has the capability to produce everything from industry standards to the impossible. We deliver results that make everyone proud.

Group 6

Innovative Engineering 01

Whether through consulting and sales, or development and engineering, Itipack works closely with customers to provide solution-focused results. There is no one-size-fits-all, quick fix in the strapping industry.

In-House Production 02

Itipack effectively engineers, assembles, integrates, and commissions all of our own equipment. We are proudly owned and operated in North America.

Responsive Service 03

We are adept at retrofitting older, existing equipment, and commit to servicing it, adding years to the life of the machine. Our parts and service team increases efficiency and reduces costly down time.

Group 6

Stronger together Client partnerships

some of our trusted clients

Our History Looking Back.
Moving Forward.

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Careers Build your future.

Join our family and discover an opportunity to learn and grow, push boundaries, and try new things.

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  1. Outstanding Employees

    Itipack provides a work environment that feels like family. We put employees first by facilitating a supportive atmosphere that helps everyone succeed.

  2. Outstanding Work Environment

    Helping employees develop their skill sets not only benefits the individual, but the entire company as well. We work together to broaden opportunities to learn new things and keep your job interesting.

Group 6

Employee Testimonial

I thoroughly enjoy working here due to strong team dynamics and demanding yet rewarding work environment. Mangers genuinely care about their employees and aim to create a good work environment. I also value working on a variety of projects, and the fact there is something to laugh about every single day, making everyone’s day better. Great people, great place!