Group 6

Dimensional Wood Products

Group 6


We build trustworthy machines to keep you on track.

Advanced Efficiency

Group 6

Customized to suit your needs

We work with customers to design a machine that will help them succeed. Our commitment to deliver what is needed in a strapping machine, whether it is a custom fit, custom solution or a standard machine, keeps businesses running smoothly and on time.

Dimensional Features

Edge Protectors

Fully-automated edge protector applicator for both bottom and top.


Comes with optional full-range top and side compression.

Strap Capacity

Capable of handling 1,000kg+ of strap material.

Squaring Device

Optional infeed squaring device.

Group 6

User Testimonial

After working with Itipack over the course of a couple years, things are doing well. Before I worked with Itipack, I had issues with timing of parts delivery, and I also expressed some concerns over parts pricing. Immediately after meeting with Itipack and discussing the problems I was having we were able to work together and resolve these issues. Because parts that I need are here when I need them, I always have them on hand for rebuilds.

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