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Group 6

About Itipack Systems

Established in 2001, Itipack Systems innovates custom-engineered and strapping equipment. We design and build custom strapping machines that allows companies to realize time and cost efficiencies through automation technologies. We’ve built our firm around our people - a focused and passionate team who exemplifies our core values of integrity, continuous improvement, enjoyment, commitment, and drive.

the foundation Core Values

We’ve built our firm around our people — a focused and passionate team who exemplifiy our core values.

We will seek to do what is right in all we do, no matter what.
We are dedicated to continually improving ourselves, our people, and the products we sell.
We are driven and motivated to take on any challenge.
We do what we say we are going to do.
We want our people, our customers, and our suppliers to experience happiness.

Build your future

Join our family and discover an opportunity to learn, grow, push boundaries, and try new things.

Group 6

what we offer benefits

Family Business approach

Itipack provides a work environment that feels like family. We put employees first by facilitating a supportive atmosphere that helps everyone succeed.

Outstanding Work Environment

Helping employees develop their skill sets benefits the individual and the entire company. We work together to broaden opportunities to learn new things and keep your job interesting.

Not just a number

We believe in building great relationships with every member of the team. We live our core value of Enjoyment with a casual environment, flex options that allow employees to build their work schedules around their family lives, and a Fun Club, which organizes outings, barbecues, food trucks, and other social events.

Work-Life Balance

We provide hybrid schedules and on-site amenities. Putting a value on it, it is just one of the ways we help to create work balance for our teams.

Flexible Benefits

Itipack Systems offers multiple plans and a range of complimentary health spending accounts so that you can pick the best benefits for you and your family.

Growth and development

We provide opportunities for everyone to grow. Training and continuing education opportunities are priorities for us. We are always looking for new ways to help you develop.
Group 6


Since joining Itipack Systems, I have witnessed the company’ s dedication for fostering personal growth and prioritizing well-being of its employees. The team cultivates an environment of open communication and collaboration, creating a positive work environment that encourages teamwork. There are many opportunities for personal and professional advancement. I thoroughly enjoy working here and look forward to a long and fulfilling career with them.


As a Mechanical Designer, I enjoy the custom nature of our equipment which makes each project unique and more interesting. I also value the collaborative atmosphere created by all groups in a project being easily accessible. This helps me do a better job by making communication quicker and support more available.


I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work at Itipack Systems and for the invaluable knowledge and experience I have gained. Throughout my time here, I have had the privilege of working on various marketing initiatives and have been able to pursue my passion for branding, inbound marketing, and design. One of the highlights has been the freedom to lead the enhancement of the brand's tone of voice, creating exceptional marketing materials for tradeshows and client meetings, as well as developing a customer gift box and implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Moreover, I have had the chance to grow professionally and take on the role of managing the marketing department after a well-deserved promotion. The work environment at Itipack Systems is exceptional, with highly skilled, friendly, and supportive individuals who make the atmosphere truly enjoyable and conducive to growth.


I appreciate that Itipack Systems and A&H Custom host a diverse and talented array of employees. The team centric environment here creates a transparent and comfortable atmosphere to work within and ultimately overcome any challenges that arise. I know that if issues emerge, there will be a team of great people around to help figure out solutions.


Itipack Systems has been an incredible place to grow my career. Its small family-like environment allows you to wear many different hats, giving you opportunities that would not be afforded to you if you worked elsewhere. I have been able to grow from inside sales, to aftermarket sales and now into machine sales while traveling all over North America and dealing with some of the most advanced Steel, Aluminum & Wood Products Mills in the world. Itipack truly feels like family, and I am thankful for this place every day.


I thoroughly enjoy working here due to strong team dynamics and demanding yet rewarding work environment. Mangers genuinely care about their employees and aim to create a good work environment. I also value working on a variety of projects, and the fact there is something to laugh about every single day, making everyone’s day better. Great people, great place!