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OD/ Circum ferential Steel & Aluminum

Group 6

Tough & Resilient

Our heavy-duty strapping machines are built tough to handle the needs of your operation. When strapping OD Circumferential steel and aluminum, durability matters. You need a machine that will last and be low maintenance to help you avoid downtime and lost productivity.

Advanced Efficiency

Group 6

Customized to suit your needs

At Itipack, we understand that every operation is unique, which is why we customize our packing machines to your needs depending on the types of jobs you are performing and the layout of your plant. With our high standard of engineering and customization, you can be confident that our machines will help you get the job done.

OD/ Circum ferential Features

Each of our custom designed packing machines for OD Circumferential steel and aluminum has features built into the design to optimize both safety and productivity. These features include the following:

Hot & cold coils

The ability to work with both hot and cold coils means there is no slow down or lost productivity in your operation. You can strap both hot and cold coils without any fear of damage to the strapping machine or the coils themselves.

Strapping head

Because our machines are customized to suit your needs, you’ve got the option of having either a single and dual strapping head located at the top or side of the machine. Strapping head styles are either weld or crimp seals.

Coil orientation

The orientation of the coils may be either eye parallel or perpendicular, giving you options to choose the most efficient means to travel.

Sword versatility

If your operation performs custom applications, the moveable sword on our strapping machines will prove to be a valuable feature.

Machine positioning

The machine may be positioned in a number of different configurations depending on your needs—the assortment of positions including inline indexing, maintenance, offline and online.

Strap placement

Strap placement may also be customized to suit the needs of your operation. Our OD Circumferential strapping machines are capable of placing multiple straps as well.

Having the right strapping machine for your OD Circumferential steel and aluminum can make a huge difference to your plant’s productivity and the safety of your workers. Contact us today if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your needs.

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User Testimonial

Mike Beijes has been extremely supportive in an internal initiative to reduce the downtime associated with the 88” mill bander. Customer service has been prompt and efficient with timely answers and good results. We have already seen an elimination of the downtime associated with the bander. It is early in our program, but I feel confident that with Itipack’s customer service we will achieve our targets. The customer service response gives me great confidence in Itipack’s ability to eliminate/reduce downtime.

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