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ID/Radial Steel & Aluminum

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We build our machines to meet the needs of hardworking people like you. We understand that when it comes to bundling and strapping ID/Radial steel and aluminum, you don’t have time to waste. The job needs to be done both quickly and efficiently without sacrificing safety, and that’s why we design every product to help keep your operation running smoothly.

Advanced Efficiency

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Customized to suit your needs

We work with customers to design a machine that will help them succeed. Our commitment to deliver what is needed in a strapping machine, whether it is a custom fit, custom solution or a standard machine, keeps businesses running smoothly and on time.

ID/Radial Features

Our packing machines for ID/Radial steel and aluminum are designed with your productivity in mind and offer a number of features to optimize your operations.

Hot & cold coils

Depending on your operation, you may be strapping hot or cold coils – or perhaps both. Our strapping machines are designed to handle either, so there is no downtime in your operation waiting for coils to cool. Our products are equally efficient at handling both hot and cold.

Strapping head

Because our machines are customized to suit your needs, you’ve got the option of having either a single and dual strapping head located at the top or side of the machine. Strapping head styles are either weld or crimp seals.

Coil orientation

Coils can be oriented either eye parallel or perpendicular to travel. This allows you to choose the most efficient orientation based on the size of your coils and transportation method.

Sword versatility

The swords on our machines are moveable and adjustable, giving you an even great range of customization. This allows your business to be more adaptable to your clients’ needs and offer a wider range of services to outperform your competition.

Machine positioning

Our machines may be positioned for a number of different applications, including online, offline, maintenance and inline indexing. By having a greater number of positioning options, you can optimize the machine for both efficiency and safety.

Strap placement

Our machines are capable of placing multiple straps to suit the operational and safety needs of each project.

If you would like to increase your company’s efficiency in strapping ID/Radial steel and aluminum, contact us today to learn more about our strapping machines and how we can provide
a custom solution for your business.

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User Testimonial

After working with Itipack over the course of a couple years, things are doing well. Before I worked with Itipack, I had issues with timing of parts delivery, and I also expressed some concerns over parts pricing. Immediately after meeting with Itipack and discussing the problems I was having we were able to work together and resolve these issues. Because parts that I need are here when I need them, I always have them on hand for rebuilds.

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