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Long Products Steel & Aluminum

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Most Advanced

Companies that work with steel and aluminum long products require the most advanced equipment to keep them productive and ahead of the curve. And that is exactly what we offer. Our machines are engineered and built to be the most advanced products on the market because our customers want to have the most advanced mills.

Advanced Efficiency

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Customized to suit your needs

At Itipack, we understand that your operations are unique, and in order to obtain peak performance, you need machines that are customized to suit your needs. Not only do you want a machine that is customized for your specific business operations, but you want a machine that
will help you outperform the competition.

That’s why every order begins with a consultation process in which we aim to understand what sets you apart. Our engineers then design the equipment that is especially suited to your plant to help you optimize your efficiency and keep your workers safe.

Long Products Features

Our machines for working with steel and aluminum long products have a number of valuable features to help keep your plant running smoothly. These features include the following:


Our machines are designed to work with the product that you work in – whether that be heavy-duty products or medium-duty products.

Strap Placement

Strap placement is customizable so that you can perform the jobs unique to your operations. Our machines allow for multiple strap placements at any interval that you choose.


Depending on the size of your company, having multiple machines operating at once may be the best option for peak efficiency. Our machines are extremely versatile and may work in tandem with one another.

Machine Positioning

Machines may be positioned for many different purposes, including both online and offline, and positions for maintenance and inline indexing.

Strapping head

The strapping head type and placement are also customized to suit your needs. The exact configuration may be decided based on which option allows for optimal productivity of your operation.

If your company works with steel and aluminum long products, it is essential that you have the right equipment to optimize and scale your business. To learn more about what we have to offer or to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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User Testimonial

Over the past several years I have been using Itipack strapping systems I have been quite satisfied with both their support and service departments. We have installed 5 units in our facility and have utilized the yearly service agreements with great sucsess. The techs are professional and well versed. I would rate Itipack highly when the time comes to purchase new equipment.

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