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Can Glass, Can & PET

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Solid Understanding

As experts in the strapping machine industry, we understand that your business needs are unique. That is why we design and build strapping machines for canned products that are customized to suit your needs. We work to ensure that our machines offer you the maximum output and productivity.

Advanced Efficiency

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Customized to suit your needs

Our strapping machines are customized to suit your business needs, your product, and your workspace. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality machines to help them succeed in business and keep their operations running smoothly.

Can Features

We recognize that not all can products are the same and offer several customizations for our strapping machines.

Strapping head

Single or dual-headed side seal strapping head.


We offer fully-selectable side compression.

Machine Line

Optional line integration of multiple automatic machines.


Fully-customizable bayonets for pallet voids.

If you require a strapping machine for your canned products, Itipack will provide you with a custom solution to help you maximize your productivity. Contact us today to schedule a meeting to discuss your requirements.

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User Testimonial

Itipack has gone above and beyond providing service and parts for our VX-30 plastic strapping machines. Parts arrive in a timely manner, but we have also had several occasions where they were able to provide parts over night to get us back up and running including providing cell numbers for their service techs to talk us through the repair. We have an annual service call where they go though our equipment and reset it to the original settings and even take the time to teach our maintenance and electrical folks the “tips & tricks” of working on this equipment. They also provide a rebuild service for the complete strapping head unit, even providing settling up pick-up of the units with all paperwork to get them across the border. Very informed and knowledgeable parts and service employees that make doing business a pleasure.

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